Professional yacht cleaning is keeping a yacht in good condition requires more than just regular maintenance and repairs, it also needs regular cleaning. While it might not seem like the most obvious of tasks, cleaning is a critical aspect of boat ownership and helps prevent the deterioration of surfaces and parts caused by salt and other contaminants from entering and damaging a vessel. Whether it’s the gel coat, metal trim, teak decking or soft furnishings aboard your yacht, a regular cleaning regimen is essential to maintaining the look and longevity of these materials.

The best tools for yacht cleaning come in a variety of forms but one of the most important is to use marine-grade cleaners, waxes and polishes, which are specifically designed to work with the materials on a boat. Using household products can damage the surface of your yacht and may leave behind residues that attract dirt, causing more work to be done in the long run.

Getting the right equipment in place will help streamline the cleaning process and save time. A good yacht cleaning caddy will include a sponge or microfiber cloth for washing, a squeegee, a brush and a chamois to wipe away water and protect surfaces, as well as an extra bucket and a squeegee to keep the water flowing when you’re on a roll. A squeegee with a telescopic handle is also a great tool to have on hand for those hard-to-reach areas on a yacht.

Other cleaning tools to have on hand are vinyl cleaners, metal cleaners, and mold and mildew removers for the toughest of jobs. A box of dryer sheets will also come in handy to get rid of those icky white spots caused by mineral deposits on glass, stainless steel and acrylic surfaces.

When it comes to boat brushes, the right kind of brush goes a long way to efficient cleaning without harming the special surfaces found on many boats. A good quality brush will help you get a deep clean of nonskid surfaces, curtain and upholstery without scratching the gelcoat or leaving unsightly lingering watermarks. Whether you need a soft style safe for the gelcoat or a stiffer option for the nonskid decking, Defender has a full range of brushes to suit your requirements.

Another key piece of cleaning equipment is a vacuum cleaner with a high power and vacuum hose for those hard-to-reach areas. It’s a great way to quickly get a dingy carpet back in shape before guests arrive. Finally, a quality duster is a must for quick and effective dusting on turnaround days or daily cleaning tasks. This Leifeit duster is a great choice and features a microfiber pad on a telescopic handle, perfect for those hard-to-reach spots on cabinet tops or TV screens. Having the right cleaning tools in place will make a big difference in how quickly you can turn your yacht around between trips and give it that finishing touch.

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