Divorce, child custody, and property distribution are just a few of the legal family issues that an experienced Dallas, Texas family lawyer can help you with. You can get reasonable settlements that will improve your future with the assistance of their attorneys, who can help you navigate the complexity of Texas law. Renowned industry groups have honored these lawyers for their competence in family law, demonstrating their experience and credibility. They are able to give you the customized attention you require, concentrating on your goals while taking into account fair concessions.

In the state of Texas, individuals and families can receive a variety of services from The Law Firm of Jasmit Dhaliwal, including legal assistance in instances concerning child custody, divorce, and domestic abuse. The firm is family-oriented and has locations in Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas. Family law expert Jasmit Dhaliwal is the principal lawyer for the firm. She is also a member of the National Association of Trial Lawyers and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

A family law company called Duffee + Eitzen offers services for divorce and other associated matters. Its attorneys have family law board certification. The company provides consultations for clients to talk about their requirements and worries. It can also be helpful in cases pertaining to same-sex unions, grandparent rights, and child support enforcement. For the first time ever, the firm was included in the “Best of Texas Lawyer” list in 2023 for both its Dallas and Austin locations.

Reaching a custody and visitation agreement might be difficult if you have kids. A caring yet aggressive child custody lawyer in Dallas County, Texas may provide insightful counsel and practical ideas to address the particular difficulties in your case. Although the best interests of the children are typically taken into consideration when making custody and visitation decisions, issues can occasionally occur. These problems may require a change to the initial custody agreement and have an impact on parenting time and decision-making.

A knowledgeable family lawyer can assist you with a variety of additional family law issues, including changes to your legal name, adoption, alimony, and military divorce. They can also offer you financial and real estate advice, as well as advice on how to safeguard your assets in the event of a divorce. They can assist you in exploring legal alternatives, including as representing you in a judge or jury trial, if mediation fails to resolve your dispute.

A group of lawyers at Walters Gilbreath, PLLC, a Dallas-based business, offer support for family law matters and divorce proceedings. The attorneys at this firm have been practicing for more than 30 years and hold Texas Bar licenses. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization has also granted them certification. Complex conservatorship and asset partition matters, as well as contentious child support and visitation conflicts, are handled by the firm’s Dallas office. Its managing partner, Brian D. Walters, has been honored for his exceptional service by numerous industry groups and possesses in-depth understanding of the local regulations. Together with divorce and child custody, the firm helps with probate and estate preparation.

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